Men's Workouts vs. Women's Workouts

It’s a common myth that men and women should do gender-specific workouts.  It’s simply not true.  MAX Workouts is based on full-body, functional, high-intensity training that benefits men and women differently.

Why is that?

Because a man’s body chemistry is different from a woman’s.  It’s really as simple as that.  While both men and women will burn massive calories and boost their energy, men will build more muscle and get lean & ripped while women will reduce cellulite and get slim & toned.

Many women are afraid that if they lift weights, they’re going to bulk up.  I can tell you from years of training all my clients with MAX Workouts - nothing could be further from the truth.  When women start lifting a little heavier and performing full-body workouts, the result is toned muscles that look smooth and firm, not bulky!

Inside the Max Workouts program, the recommended weights for both women and men are listed in each workout chart.

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