Exercising with Knee Issues

Whether or not your knee(s) will prevent you from participating in the program depends on the type and extent of the injury or issue.

The Max Workouts program is based on functional, full-body exercises that involve movements such as squats, lunges, jumping, and running. 

Jumping and running can be modified or substituted (I show you inside the program). 

Fundamental movements like squatting and lunging can be modified.  For example, reducing your range of motion can help take pressure off your knees.  If you can’t squat below 90 degrees, only go down as far as your knees will allow  without pain or discomfort.  If this slight adjustment is enough for you to be able to squat and lunge without pain, you should be able to perform the workouts (along with substitution exercises that I will recommend) and complete the program. 

I’ve had many people with knee problems that have not only been able to complete the program successfully but have found that the program helped strengthen their knees and reduced their knee pain as a result.

If you're a Max Workouts Community member, you can also access my Knee Pain Guide. It includes:

  • How to loosen the tight muscles that surround your knees with foam rolling
  • Static stretching for knees
  • Knee rehab exercise routines and protocols
  • A list of exercise modifications & substitutes
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